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Our Curriculum

The process by which students achieve credits is unique at Premier High School. Instead of the entire class following along as the teacher lectures, the students work independently through their units and complete a test for each unit. Each course is compiled of ten Unit tests. The credit that is earned at our school is comparable to a credit earned at any other public school. Dual Credit courses are offered as an option to receive a college credit while attending our school. Students are expected to maintain a momentum that will ensure that they will graduate on time and are encouraged to accelerate to graduate early. We set our expectations high and we offer a system that will assist in meeting these expectations.
The final grade that the student receives is very important and ultimately is how the student is measured, but just as important is the process by which they solve the problems. There is a difference between simply memorizing and truly retaining the knowledge learned. Our goal is to instill a love for the learning process where the student isn’t satisfied with the transparent answer, but delves deeper and seeks to sincerely understand the material.
Our individualized curricula used is divided into 10 Units for a full two-semester course (1.0 credit), and 5 Units for a one-semester course (.5). Each Unit generally has several sections of lesson material including activity questions. The Unit is completed when the student passes the Unit Test. The student, under staff supervision, usually scores Unit Practice Tests. The Teacher will score subjective questions, writing assignments or projects throughout the unit.